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Combi Clips

      - Floor heating in half the time

Combi Clips introduces a floor heating system that puts an end to strenuous working positions. Besides improving the work environment, tests show that it takes half as much time to install floor heating with Combi Clips as with traditional methods.

Fill clips in the Combi installation tool, and lay the floor heating from a standing position. It saves your back and knees and leaves you more time to work on other projects.

With Combi Clips you lift the reinforcing mesh while creating a framework for fastening the floor heating tube in a single work process.

Maximum tube sizes:

pePEX 20 x 2.0 300 mm 120 m 3.3 m / m2 5 pcs / m2 6 / 8 mm
evalPEX 20 x 2.0 300 mm 120 m 3.3 m / m2 5 pcs / m2 6 / 8 mm

Combi Clips are secured with the Combi installation tool. The installation tool enables a comfortable and ergonomically correct working position, where you never have to bend over, kneel or in any other way assume a strenuous working position.

Combi Clips are secured to the wire mesh using the unique Combi installation tool. The floor heating tubes are normally laid with a 300 mm centre distance, corresponding to two square sections in the wire mesh.

The floor heating tube is laid according to the prescribed laying pattern and secured to the clips by using your foot to press the tube into each clip.