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Combi Clips

Combi Clips are used to secure 20 mm pePEX Q&E tubes to wire mesh. Combi Clips are used in traditional floor constructions, where the floor heating tubes are embedded in concrete.

Combi Clips are optimized for securing 20 mm floor heating tubes to 6-8 mm wire mesh. The Combi Clips raise the wire mesh approx. 15 mm, allowing the concrete to flow underneath the wire mesh in connection with concreting. The nominal dimension to the top of the tube is 50 mm, on top of which a layer of concrete measuring at least 30 mm and no more than 90 mm is recommended.

Ergonomic installation
Combi Clips are secured using a Combi installation tool. The installation tool allows for a comfortable and ergonomically correct working position, where you never have to bend down, kneel or in any other way assume a strenuous working position. Combi Clips are secured to the wire mesh with the unique Combi installation tool. The floor heating tubes are normally laid with a 300 mm centre distance, corresponding to two square sections in the wire mesh. The heating tube is laid according to the prescribed laying pattern and is secured to the clips by pressing the tube into each clip with your foot.

Two functions in a single work procedure cuts installation time in half
Combi Clips have two functions in one work procedure. Combi Clips raise the wire mesh while creating a framework for securing the floor heating tube. Compared to traditional laying methods, where the wire mesh is lifted with rebar chairs or the like, and the floor heating tubes are laid and secured to the wire mesh using fastening wire, work time is cut in half when you use Combi Clips.